Hands on Heart,

Ten years ago I made the decision to pursue a different career completely. I went from accountancy to the gastronomic world.

I was a young woman who went into a professional kitchen knowing nothing. Since then I have learned that a commercial kitchen is a crowded and hectic environment. Walking into a new kitchen for the first time can be an extremely scary thing. Each kitchen has its own culture and way of doing things and it requires so much more than time, effort and energy, it requires a purpose and an endless passion for producing the very finest "Haute Cuisine".

My passion increases every day. It’s even greater than before. I have been working in a city that has developed its own gastronomic culture immensely in the last decade. I would describe London as a world living in a city. A place where skills, knowledge and talent from all over the world are shared and "blended" into a truly original and exotic style!

As a result of my continuous learning I decided to bring together my cultural and upbringing roots by sharing Brazilian and Portuguese Flavours to international flavours and to further explore, discover new smells, new ingredients and new ideas. 

Hands on heart, I believe the link between food, nature and love is the strongest one there is.

La Chefette