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An amazing experience comprising of an exquisite tasting menu (with a few extra surprises along the way). The food was presented beautifully and the flavours will leave you wanting more! The host and chef make you feel extremely welcome and comfortable, feels just like a dinner party with friends! Can’t wait to go back!
— Sabina Joseph
We had an incredible time at La Chefette. The love and dedication show in every dish served. The most exquisite flavours with a brilliant twist to classic dishes. We can’t wait to get invited again.
— Bruno de Jongh
I let myself be surprised as after all this is a journey of flavours... Not knowing much about Portuguese let alone Brazilian cuisine but only about the strong bond between the two normally thanks to ancestry and major cultural heritage - I can absolutely attest that this was an exquisite journey where you could feel the alliance in our beautifully presented plates and even more so thanks to the chef and host. I look forward to learning more through my pallet, eyes and other major senses wherever you may be travelling to next and invite others to join this journey.
— Ambreen Khasru
Unique experience and superb food with the perfect combination of the best flavours of Brazil and Portugal in a pleasant environment. It was actually my second time, I’ll definitely come back, and I couldn’t recommend more! It was a lovely experience. Thank you both very much and keep doing such a great job.
— Debbie Luna